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PACE Program Starts 5th May, 2023

“My friends & relatives thought that I’ll ALWAYS be a struggling businessman with an empty bank account, BUT… ”

a “SIMPLE idea” revealed on this page changed everything for me!

And today, I am:

  • A happy business owner with 4 successful ventures

  • Wildly profitable, growing & scaling month on month

  • Leading 2000+ employees – paid salaries in full, even during covid times.

  • Training, coaching & impacting lakhs of people globally!

  • An Amazon best selling author


P.A.C.E System helped me grow & scale 5 successful ventures and 1 sports team that employs 2000+ people

this is not to impress you… but to IMPRESS UPON YOU, that if I can do it, so can you!
today, I run these 6 businesses successfully:

Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd,
my training & coaching company

a sports team I own, which is a part of the sporting league ‘Celebrity Badminton League (CBL)’

DreamCatcher Investments Pvt Ltd

DreamCraft Events and Entertainment Pvt Ltd


Cream Bun Technologies Private Limited


Zoozle Tech Private Limited



completely transform your business in 3 days, LIVE with Rajiv!

FINALLY- get ready for this transition:

Before P.A.C.E

After P.A.C.E

Here’s what you’ll accomplish with Rajiv in 3 days

Day #1 (Part 1)

Clarity Of Holistic Goals- because starting point of success is goal setting. Most entrepreneurs don’t have CLARITY– that’s why they fail. Rajiv will help you set holistic goals in 5 areas:

  • Financial goals
  • Customer goals
  • Functional Goals
  • Team Goals
  • Learning Goals

Day #1 (Part 2) & Day #2 (Part 1)

Clarity Of Business Model- here, Rajiv helps you with strategies to absolutely ‘bullet-proof ’ your business model, and will all the gaps:

  • identifying the best target market
  • dealing with slow payment cycles
  • Fixing low margin issues
  • Handling slow sales cycle
These exercises will build an absolute foundation for your business!

Day #2 (Part 2)

Fixing Your Business Functions-

  • learn how to make all functions (marketing, sales, HR, operations, accounts etc,- actually function efficiently
  • learn the elements you need to change, to make functions functional
By the end of Day #2- you now have the FUNCTIONs– that can help you build a business without you!

Day #3 (Part 1)

Science Of People Management – Rajiv unveils his tools, templates & steps that will help you:

  • hire the right people – how to source multiple candidates, how to evaluate their attitude, skills & behaviour. Your quality of hiring goes through the roof!
  • How to train & develop people
  • Scientific Appraisal System- so you can systematically evaluate people and reward them.
  • Reviewing the work of your team members and giving them feedback
  • Firing The Wrong people in your business
You now have everything you need, to build a business with you! But, there’s more!

Day #3 (Part 2)

Specific Steps to grow your business – Depending on where you are, Rajiv shows you specific steps to move to the next level:

  • Steps for growing from ‘Struggle & Survival’ phase to ‘Stability’ phase.
  • Steps for growing from ‘Stability’ to ‘Success’ phase.
  • Steps for growing from ‘Success’ to ‘Scale’ phase!
This is DEEP and amazing- because you walk out with a clear cut, specific action plan.

You’re now ready to take-off!

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